Start Up Service - Up Capital

Start-up service


Provide investment access to unique Swiss start up opportunities

Through expert selection of potentially high rewarding start-ups, UP Capital offers to international investors to take part to round of investment at the right momentum and to start-ups to get easy, simplified and secured access to international private investors.

Star-up selection criteria

We focus on 3 strategic criteria:


We have dedicated experts to the following Swiss industries:

Engineering, Smart Tech, Greentech, Medtech & Biotech, Fintech & ICT


UP Capital Investment service

Each investment round is conditional to a minimum of CHF 150K collected through 1 or a Pool of investors.

The equity is held in nominee for each investor by CAPITAL EMERGENCE S.A.

Advantages for private international investors

  • Having access to invest in swiss start-up opportunities
  • Local presence of expert panel who select unique innovative start-up
  • One local Representative to represent and to defend your interests.
  • Quarterly report.
  • Cost-effective service

Advantages for start-ups

  • Access to private international investors network
  • Sole administrative point of contact with international investor(s).
  • Cost-effective service
  • Dual active presence in Switzerland and abroad to ensure and facilitate intercultural understanding.
  • As partner, we create new opportunity to access network for future rounds of investments.


Conditions to access our UP Capital service


  • Capacity to invest in Switzerland a minimum amount of CHF 10K
  • Comply with international banking regulations


UP Capital services accompany you through all the process of investment.

Interested to know more about our services? Please send us an email to to fulfil your investor’s profile questionnaire and to receive our detailed presentation.



Warning & disclaimer:

Start-up investment is classified as high risk investment and capital cannot be guaranteed. Investment is made at own risk of investor.

The Advisory Board of UP Capital and/or CAPITAL EMERGENCE S.A. cannot be held liable of the investment and funding.