CAPITAL EMERGENCE takes care of your talents and offers you transnational expertise by helping you in the field of Company governance as well in the selection of the most qualified persons for the Management of your projects.

HR Management

Are you looking for a Marketing specialist? A Managing Director? A successor for your Company?

As specialists for all transnational issues, we have the capacity of managing, globally as well as in line with your needs, all aspects related to the employment of a person, or by providing you with punctual services in the following domains:

  • Job descriptions.
  • Interview and international recruitment
  • Payroll administration
  • Residence and Work permits
  • Relocation Services
  • Social insurances and Pension Benefits
  • Inter-cultural services (China and Latin America)

Board of Directors services: 
Organization and governance enpowerment

A good governance will guarantee durability and success. The style of the Managing Director as well as the Board, are often shaping the Company’s culture. The way of they manage the Company may be counter-productive and although competencies exist within the Board or at Management level, the governance could not be as efficient as expected.

We are, therefore, accompanying you in the management of your Board, and through a Governance audit we can provide you with the following services:

  • Analysis of the structure the Company, its organisation and how to optimize decision making processes
  • Setting-up strategic processes
  • Improvement of the Company’ Policy in the fields of information and communication
  • Assistance in the binomial of the President of the Company and the Managing Director
  •  Revision of the structure of organization charts

Didactic approach, discretion and diplomacy.

Within the context of the transmission of a family firm, we help the family by facilitating its transmission and safeguarding the assets placed in our hands.