Your wellness at the heart of our project

CAPITAL EMERGENCE  started in the health and wellness industry thanks to partnership with specialised consultants with over 25 years’ experience in health coachng, personal care and assistance.

DNA tests : diagnostics by swab collection

A DNA profile test informs and reveals your own genetic identity as every human is genetically unique.

CAPITAL EMERGENCE S.A. has been selected to be the exclusive  retailer for Switzerland  for 

Achieved simply by cheek swab, genetic analysis are targeted to meet the needs of all patients. Currently 9 non-invasive tests are proposed:

  • Estrogen Gene Test
  • Paternity as from 9 weeks !
  • Natera One
  • Panorama Prenatal Screen
  • Weight Management
  • Pharmacogenetics Test
  • Health Management
  • Athletic and Sports Performance
  • Anti-Aging, Beauty and Wellness

These tests are mainly for :

  • Specialists in obstetrics 
  • Clinics specializied in weight management
  • Medical and Esthetic Centers
  • Sports doctors and professional fitness trainer
  • Medical sport centers Elite

Home care : we take care of your wellness

Assessment and advice in emergency situations and care for patients.

We offer designed solutions for your living space to ensure the young and old with disabilities or old age facility comfort and safety. Implementation of accessories and alarms for the safety of everyday life.

Your case is unique, reason why we do not work alone but together with specialized architects, remote alarm companies, nurses, occupational therapists, etc.

Request an appointment to evaluate your needs and propose practical solutions.

Our specialist speaks French, Spanish and Italian.